Our Storage Services

FTZ | Foreign Trade Zone Storage

Dixie Cullen has FTZ at our main location at this time.


  • This delays the payment of tariffs and duties until the material is released into the US for consumption
  • The CBP has many requirements that help prevent against theft
  • Manipulation and manufacturing can be done in FTZ
FTZ Storage

Climate Control | Humidity Control Storage

Dixie Cullen has Climate controlled at all 4 of our locations.


  • Keeping your material out of Houston’s humid climate
  • Allows electrical components to remain in working condition
  • We are not a food grade storage facility  
Climate Control Storage

Inside Storage

Dixie Cullen has inside storage at every location.


  • This storage keeps your materials out of the weather
  • Temperatures are not in our control
  • Our inside storage is accompanied by overhead cranes 
Inside Storage

Outside Storage 

Dixie Cullen has outside storage at all 4 of our locations.


  • This is for the material that can withstand the Houston weather
  • All material is on blocking
  • Each location has yards that are stabilized 
Outside Storage