Value Added Services

Importing Services

Dixie Cullen Interests has FTZ for Imported Materials

  • This delays the payment of tariffs and duties until the material is released into the US for consumption
  • The CBP has many requirements that help prevent against theft
  • Items can be manipulated or manufactured in an FTZ

Exporting Services

Dixie Cullen does Exporting Services out of our main location 

  • We stuff containers and block and brace
  • Also preparing flatracks
  • ISPM 15 Certified  


Dixie Cullen has transloading at every location.

  • Taking your material from one means of transportation and transfer it to another
  • every transload gets 5 days free on the floor before we start charging for storage
  • From a single load to a whole project we can handle it all

Out Of Gauge Services

Dixie Cullen main heavy lift location in Market Street.

  • We have over 200 Ton mobile crane lift capability 
  • The capacity inside is over 100 Ton overhead crane lift capability 
  • Our facilities have the space to store the items that are Over Dimensional    
Heavy Lift

Long Term | Short Term Storage

Dixie Cullen has long term and short term storage at evey location.

  • As short as a transload 
  • And as long as we are open we will store it
  • We also store products until the project is ready for the material at site

Additional Services

Dixie Cullen has additional value added services.

  • Inventory is kept by the account manager
  • personel at all locations 24/7
  • We keep constant communication with our clients to be kept informed and to inform of material status  
EF Inside